Polygamy thrives among the deeply traditional peoples of Africa and especially with the rulers. Jealousy, envy and strife reign supreme as each wife employ every conceivable idea to out-do others in the quest of producing the heir to the throne. This is the story of Abakasina.

ISBN-10: 198693747X 
BISAC: Fiction / Cultural Heritage
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You Can’t!

God has got a plan for each and every one of us, borne by the vehicle of His Word. Locating His plans for us through His Word grants us victory in every spheres of life. This is the reason Joel said that whoever executes His Word is strong. So, victory in the eternal battle comes only by adhering to His word. He told Joshua to remain on the Word day and night. Satan has unleashed against the Church and the Children of God, weapons never before imagined! Strange diseases are suddenly emerging, some that had been are resisting treatment, situations and circumstances are defying solutions, poverty is on the increase and the hearts of men are getting more and more vicious! How can the child of God come through victoriously? This can only be by the written Word of God! YOU CAN'T! Tells you, you can't be defeated by the weapons of the enemy, no matter how vicious!

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Pastor Mary delivers a message on giving.